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Pure Coconut oil, with no added fragrances.  Narikela is specific for the hair and scalp. It helps to prevent hair loss by detoxifying the scalp and helps to maintain the natural colour. It has a refreshing action on the head and body. Narikela is effective as after sun.

Contents: 200 ml 

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Nutritious and refreshing, Narikela is particularly suitable for the application on the head, scalp and face and, in summer, on the whole body. The oil protects the hair from the salt sea water and the chlorine in swimming pools.

Narikela nourishes all the layers of the skin, reducing and dispersing excess heat. The oil is especially protective for the hair as it nourishes them from the root to the stem. The tradition recommends daily use to preserve its health and beauty. It is also great in the event of hair loss, dry hair, white hair, alopecia areata condition. The oil assists in the treatment of sun rash.

How to use:

Apply a light coat rubbing it into the hair


Coconut oil (cocos nucifera) 


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